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hi everyone! okay, let me tell you my story.

i just recently moved to phoenix from illinois with my boyfriend. a month or so after we got her, i went for my annual pap and received a phone call that my pap was abnormal. It was ASCUS and positive for HPV. they had me come in for a colpocospy. some biopsys were taken and i had to wait for my results. the doctor scared the crap out of me and said it didn't look of course i was freaking out for the next 2 weeks.

the doctor called with the results and said i didn't have cancer, but an infection. i was so relieved to hear it wasn't cancer, or even dysplasia that i didn't bother to ask questions, and picked up the antibiotic they prescribed me and was on my way. they told me to come back in 6 months for another pap.

well..i got to thinking, "what kind of infection did i have?" so i called back, and they told me i didn't have an infection at all but endocervicitis, and acute and chronic cervicitis. they acted like it wasn't really a big deal, so i'm sure it's nothing really serious..but now i'm scared all over again. they said my path report did say something about hpv related changes. is that what caused my inflammation? i just don't get it. i know i don't have a bacterial std, i was tested, and so was my boyfriend, before we slept together.

has anyone ever had this? please help.

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