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I posted the following on a thread called "Using Vitamins and Minerals to reverse cervical dysplasia" last year and just wanted to give you all a follow up report:

[I]I've had a history of paps showing Ascus and biopsies showing mild dysplasia. I have also been diagnosed with one of the high risk strains of HPV. I finally found a doctor who wanted me to actually try something instead of just the horrible "wait and see" until we do a follow up pap. She put me on a protocol of 25,000 i.u. Vitamin A and Cerviplex (which is 400 mg. Indole-3-Carbinol) once a day. I was also on 5 mg of Folic Acid two times a day (for a total of 10 mgs a day - you need a prescription for this!) and 500 mg. Vitamin C two times a day (for a total of 1000 mg). She also had me switch to natural cotton tampons and for seven days while not on my period, I put the liquid from a Vit. A capsule on the end of the tampon and stuck it up next to my cervix. This protocol is for 90 days. [/I]

Well, I did this protocol and had a normal pap afterwards back in June of last year. My doc had me redo the pap three months later and it came back ASCUS so she put me back on this regimin for 90 more days and my pap in January came back normal. I had a follow up pap last Wednesday and I just got the letter in the mail - the results were normal!:)

The purpose of this protocol is to boost your immune system so your body can fight off the virus. My doctor had also used this on a paitent with severe dysplasia and after two rounds, the patient has been normal with no further treatments. Just wanted to share this again in case anyone wants to give it a try (under their doctors supervision!). I'm going to have another pap in six months so I'll let you all know the results of that one. For now, I'm celebrating that this one was normal at least!

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