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[B][/B][B][/B]Hi, I am new to this board. I want to tell you all how encouraging it has been to come here and read your posts!
I am 33 years old, and have 3 kids. I am very diligent about getting my annuals every single year. I haven't missed one since I was 15 years old, which was also when I became sexually active. Back in those days I was young and naive so I believed being on the birth control pill was enough. Aids had really only been talked about a couple years, so I didn't fear contracting that and didn't push my partner(s) to wear a condom.
I have always been in relationships with trusted partners, so also didn't worry they would ever give me anything.
In 2001 I went to my gyn for my annual, which came back abnormal ASCUS. About 4 months later I was to renew my birth control at the Health Dept so I had to have a pap there too, which also came back abnormal ASCUS- this time favoring dysplasia. I was a little concerned, and contacted my gyn. They did a colposcopy there, and found nothing really to biopsy, then the next pap was clear, and every pap since then has been good- until now.
I went back for my annual in June of this year, only to find it was again abnormal- ASCUS. Only this time they did the HVP DNA test, which was found to be high rist positive. She said it was positive for 16 or 18 or both, they couldnt tell for sure, but that was the fast acting cancerous type. Needless to say the bottom dropped out of my world. She did a colposcopy on me on Friday July 14th. She took the punch biopsy from deep within my cervix, and biopsied 2 other places that were "white" upon application of the vinegar solution. One at 9 o'clock, and a larger one at 11 o'clock. She also found a cyst on my cervix, which she drained, but told me not to worry, it wasn't related to the HPV and wasn't cancerous. However, there was 4 total cuts made, and quite a bit of discomfort that first and second day. In doing the colp she said, from her perspective afterward, I would probably be back for the LEEP or Cryo, but not both. She said they would do one or the other.
I have read so much on the HPV virus, and told her I had understood that it states sometimes your body can rid itself of the virus, but the older you get, and by the time your reach your mid- thirties it is much less likely. She agreed, but said I should still consider getting the HPV vaccine because it could protect me from other strains of the virus. I have 2 girls, ages 12 & 14, and I am definetely going to get this for them as soon as it becomes available in my area. I also believe I may become an advocate for this.
At this point I am just waiting, and trying not to worry about the biopsy results she said should be back within 7 days.
Any perseptives on this would be very much apprecitated!

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