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I JUST went through this myself! You can see from my postings I was absolutely terrified and certain that they were going to find cancer all over me. My results were severe - inlcuding a lesion that extended into the canal. I hadn't been to the gyne in over 6 years so I had no idea how long it had been growing... I had panic attacks and my anxiety was off the charts - my doctor actually prescribed me Xanax to chill me out.
My doctor did an aggressive LEEP cone on me - but I wasn't worried about children as I already have a tubal ligation so I'm not sure if this would be the way for you to go. The Colpo results indicated all severe but the LEEP results indicated that only the bottom portions were severe and the higher up it went it changed to moderate, then clear of any dysplasia.
I can't tell you to stay calm - I know only the clean results will make it better for you. I will tell you that my results all pointed toward "bad" and they didn't come out that way. My doctor said if I had 'invasive' cancer she would have seen something. And if you haven't even waited as long as I did I'm sure it hasn't had a chance to get that far.
thanks for the replies! i've been trying to stay calm.
ill try to call and get on the cancellation list, thanks for the advice.

this may sound silly, but the last LEEP looked pretty scary. the Dr. took off a good bit of my cervix. how much can the Dr. take off? i mean, is it possible to just keep taking off more and more?

so if i have a colposcopy, then a LEEP, what happens? the last time, i was just told to have a repeat pap in 6 months(after the LEEP). if they tell me that again, i'm scared to even wait that long.

my uncle died of colon cancer, my brother has had cancer, and my mother had dysplasia like me when she was younger. she had a hysterectomy. also, i did an internship type thing at a Hospice facility, and dealt with many, many patients dying of cancer. it's just so scary.

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