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So I go in for my LEEP tomorrow. I am assuming I have Severe Dysplasia...although my doctor never told me. She just said its one step below cancer from what she could see. I'm wondering if Dysplsia typically has any syptoms....or if anyone has experienced any? I've been on many types of birth control - Depo and IUD - where I don't get my period. For years I have gotten weird...discharge that looks like its mixed with blood. My ex was even concerned because he thought something was wrong with me...but I always firgure it was just because my body needed to get rid of my lining and stuff like that since I didn't have a period. Is this normal? Or correct? Has anyone else experience stuff like this? Should I be concerned - maybe its connected to the dysplasia?
So I had my leep today..thank good its over!! It was def not pleasurable. For me it hurt way more than a colp. And my cramps...oh my gosh!

They took 3 biopsies. 2 from the from the outside. She said that I do have cin III on the instead...but is not sure what the cervical canal looks like. The nurse also told me there was something on my pathology report she has never seen before and the doctor seemed to be holding back info and made sure to tell me this was just for a biopsy. Hmmmm. The dr. also accidently cut off my strings to my iud. Great!

Thanks timber again for all the great've been very helpful.

Keep your fingers crossed everyone that my margins come back clear!

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