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I am a very clean hygenic person and a couple of days ago I noticed what looked like mucus on tp. It was clear with a bit of pink tinge to it. It's not enough to have to wear pads but still worried me. I have never seen anything that resembled snot down there before. There is no odor to it whatsoever, good or bad.
I had abnormal cells that were precancerous about 8 months ago and had a leep procedure which didn't take care of it. They froze my cervex and the doctor said my next pap was ok. Now I'm havin some crampy feelings and still a little of that clear stretchy stuff, not as much as 2 days ago. Still no odor, no blood traces now, though.

I also had a cyst in one of my overies about 1 year ago the dr. was thinkin was a dermoid cyst. All of a sudden my doctor said it was gone. Is that possible. That was about 1 year ago.

My last concern is the fact that I have these little growths right around the inside of the opening of my vaginal area. They are smooth and long and skinny. I asked my doctor about genital warts and he said they weren't. Could that be skin tags or polyps and are those dangerous. Also today my back is hurtin a little bit. I'm concerned the back ache may have to do with some of this stuff.

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