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Hello all,

Please forgive the very long first post. I've been reading messages here with great interest, as I suspect I am having a problem related to an ovar cyst.

I will have new insurance starting in September, but none until then. I'd really like to be seen by my doctor because I'm having what seem to be ovar cyst symptoms. But I don't want to end up getting excluded for 9 months for a "pre existing condition" -- which I fear, if I am seen now for this now and it ends up being chronic or cancerous -- especially since, if it's cancerous, it can escalate so quickly.

The main reason I am fearful of cancer is that my husband has had it (I know, it's not contagious -- you just get very aware of all the possibilities in this situation, if you know what I mean). Also, I had a "mildly abnormal" pap last October, and followup colposcopy/biopsy which demonstrated no cervical tissue abnormality. (Ah, that was back when I had insurance ...)

My back/hips are in fairly constant pain, and my belly is too tender for me to play comfortably with my very active boy. Advil helps a little, but not much. It's beginning to frighten me, and I'm especially worried about re-starting grad school in September, because with one semester behind me already, I know how stressful it can be, not to mention it's 50 miles away.

Other possibilities exist, I know. I had groin pain issues before pregnancy that ended up being musculo-skeletal in nature, but this feels worse, much like the pain I felt during late pregnancy (and even a little bit like "back labor" which was all of my labor, yikes). I also tweaked my back at work last week, and I think it's possible the back and hip pain is related to that somehow, since it started after that. I need to eliminate that possibility as well ... and get some pain relief.

Has anyone been diagnosed/treated for an ovarian cyst with no insurance???

Thanks for any advice you might be able to provide. :confused:


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