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Hello again,

Ecc stands for endocervical curretage; this is where a doctor scrapes cells from the inner portion of the cervix. The thing is, I had an ecc before my conization surgery and it came up benign- meaning, it didn't catch the AIS...that's why we were all so shocked when the AIS reared it's head in the cervical tissue that was removed.

You ask- how do they know that there's not more cancer higher in the cervix? They don't :( This is why Adecocarcinoma in situ is traditionally treated with hysterectomy. It's difficult to screen for and even if they remove one bit of it completely (with clear margins), there's no guarantee that it's not hiding in other areas (which is sometimes the case with AIS).

As far as women possibly developing cancer and not ever knowing it because it goes away- if it's cancer, it's not going away...but it is possible for women to have HPV, then have it clear without ever knowing it. It's also possible for women to develop precancerous changes like LSIL and then have it go back to normal without ever knowing it. Also, doctors won't always treat CIN I or II because, very often, it does return to normal.

I've always had normal annual paps, as well. Then SURPRISE!!- I seemed to develop CIS and AIS in an instant. There have been quite a few women on this board who have had similar experiences.

I actually did have some irregular bleeding just prior to my first abnormal pap (back in Oct. 05) and there was also bleeding after intercourse, but never any pain. My doctor thought it was just because I had recently gone off birth control pills, so she put me back on. I'm going to ask my new onc if I shoulg go off the pill again because I've read that long-term use of birth control pills is considered a risk factor for the development of AIS.

My gyn told me that he prefered to treat my HSIL with a cold-knife cone and I didn't even think to argue with him. It's funny, because he usually treats women in my situation with LEEP, but later he said he had a "feeling" that a cold-knife cone was the better option for me(?). He explained that he wanted to make sure he got a good, clean tissue sample- the cold-knife conization allows this. Sometimes the LEEP with destroy the tissue and make it difficult to see exactly what's in it. The LEEP is good because it can be done with local rather than general anaesthesia, and the laser cauterizes the edges of the tissue often killing any bad cells if they extend close to the margins. Also, there's usually little, if any, bleeding after the LEEP. Personally, I'm glad my doc did the cold-knife because we all feel confident of what exactly was there, and that it's out! If your doctor wants to do laser, though, I think that should be just fine.

I'll definitely keep you posted. Please keep me up to date on any developments with you, too! I'm wishing you the best and keeping you in my prayers :)

Take care,

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