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Re: Ovarian Cancel
Sep 10, 2006
My early symptoms were lower back pains, pains that ran from my hip down my leg - very hard to sleep though the night. I was treated for back pain for months. Then a feeling of uncomfortableness in my lower stomach - bloated, gassey. Became more persistent over a month or two. Started to get up 2-3 times in the night to urninate. Was tired all the time - but thought that was related to stress at work. My stomach became more swollen and I could feel something hard like a muscle in my lower ab. I thought all was related to maybe a bladder or bowel problem. Was ready to go to GP then I had some abnormal bleeding. Went to an OB/GYN who suspected a fibroid problem. She set me up to have transvaginal ultra sound and a large complex cyst was discovered. Doctors felt confident it was benign. Surgery to remove the cyst was scheduled for about a month later. Awoke from surgery to find I had a full hystorectomy,a 7.6x6.5x4.5 cm tumor and another tumor 14.5x14.2x10 cm both removed. Doctors still beleived to be benign. A few weeks later DX with Ovarian Cancer.

But to answer your specific question, since you have a close relative that had OC, see your doctor regularly. Ask for CA-125 ( not reliable for pre-screening), and a transvaginal ultra sound. You want to be DX as early as possible and women who have been DX in stage 1 or 2 sometimes have no complaints of the symptoms I described.

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