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((Lisa)) I'm sorry you are not feeling better. It does take a couple days to get back to normal - you said you feel warm, are you feverish? I too was tired after, but I attributed it to all the stress that I had been under in anticipating the procedure. It wiped me out.

I want to clarify something. I never said a LEEP and a cone biopsy were the same thing. I said there are [B]2 types [/B]of cone biopsy.

The [I]LEEP cone biopsy[/I] is done with the electrocautery loop (or whatever they call it), usually as an office procedure or outpatient with a local anesthetic administered to the cervix. You should not feel pain with this procedure, and if you did it means the doctor did not administer enough anesthetic. The LEEP cone biopsy is also sometimes done under general anesthesia.

The [I]cold knife cone biopsy[/I] is done with a scalpel, ALWAYS under general anesthesia.

I think they refer to each procedure as a cone biopsy because each procedure removes a cone-shaped chunk of tissue that can be sent for analysis by a pathologist.

((Lisa)) if you do not start feeling better by the end of the weekend, please do give your doctor a call and make sure that what you are experiencing is nothing serious.

My doctor said that I had a cone biopsy, but then one of the ER doctors I spoke with when I hemorraged said I had a LEEP and then my oncologist said cone and LEEP, so I have to agree that they use these terms together often. I do know that I had my procedure done in the hospital under general anesthesia so it was more than likely the cone. She did cauterize, though, because she told me she made four passes with the tool to stop the bleeding (I hemorraged four days later anyway). I do not know why there is not some standard way of referring to things. I think it was Karen who said the dysplasia/CIN thing. When I spoke with the oncologist the other day I asked him why I would need to see him if I had dysplasia and not cancer. He said I did not have "invasive" cancer, but the cells were cancerous and that is why the referral to him. Then, in the same conversation, he says that we will stay on top of this so that I do not develop "true" cervical cancer. ?????? Why is it only diagnosed as "cervical" cancer when it has spread beyond the cervix????? Very confusing what goes on with this. Which would explain why we are all here trying to get questions answered. When is it exactly that they decide you have true cervical cancer and not carcinoma in situ? I have read here that it is when it has not penetrated more than 3mm...well, mine went 2.5cm and there is still dysplasia/carcinoma in situ in the little sliver of a cervix that remains. So, what exactly do I have???? What do any of us actually have??? :dizzy:

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