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Thank you so much Ktbee and Karen for your responses. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Just a little history on my issue:

September of last year my paps showed LGSIL. I got a colpo/biopsy and it came back as inflammation to the cervix. My doctor treated me and gave me a repeat paps 6 months later. The paps came back normal. I had another paps 6 months after that (AUGUST 06). The result came back as LGSIL again. I had a colpo/biopsy and came back CIN1( which I guess just confirmed the paps).

I spoke with a few people that have used my doctor and they say that I have a very good doctor. He is conservative. He knows that i want to have children. He told me when I went for the colpo. that I can start to get pregnant if I want. Is this wise?

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