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Hi elphers,

Before I was DX with ovarian cancer, my symptoms were:
[*]bloating in my lower abdomen, felt full all the time no matter how little I ate
[*]low backache, hip and leg pain
[*]urinary frequency - was getting up in the middle of the night 2 -3 times to urinate
[*]When I laid down I could feel something hard like a muscle in my lover ab - it grew bigger in short amount of time - felt like a cantaloupe
[*]spotting - this was last symptom before I decided to see a GYN instead of my GP
[*]And just an overall uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and pelvis area
These are just some symptoms I remember but they didn't all come together until I had the spotting and my stomach got bigger. And even then my GYN did not think of cancer. My GYN ordered a trans vaginal ulta sound b/c she suspect a fibroid problems. The ultra sound revealed a complex cyst that my doctor believed to be benign - even afer surgery to remove two big tumors and a full hystorectomy, she believed to be benign b/c of my age. Most women DX with ovarian cancer are in their later 50's and 60's. Well, the tumors were not benign.

I don't think you should worry too much, b/c all these symtoms could be something else. BUT you should insist on a trans vaginal ultra sound when you see your doctor. Let him or her know ALL your symptoms and if they rule out the possiblity of OC b/c of your age and no cancer in your family history - tell them how horrible my DR felt when my results came back from the pathologist and my tumors were a grade 3.

Let us know how everything turns out. Best wishes to you.

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