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Sorry, this is going to be a long rant. I'm very frustrated right as some of you know, I had a cold knife cone biopsy done a week and a half ago. It all went well (as well as surgery can go I guess) and I expected a speedy recovery.

a week later I started my period and had cramping way worse that my normal period and a bit more bleeding than I would normally expect, but not bleeding enough to be alarmed. But on Thursday morning I woke up to go to work and noticed that I had bled through the overnight pad I had on. I went to the toilet and when I sat down a lot of chunks of blood clots poured out. After that the blood just started to poor out of me. I soaked through an overnight pad in 15 mins.

My bf and I headed to the ER. I thought I would be fine taking public transportation as the hospital isnít very far away. Halfway there I passed out because of blood loss and an ambulance came and got me. When I arrived at the ER, no one even checked me out to see how much I was bleeding! I was wheeled into a room, soaking through the 2 overnight pads I had on and lying in a pool of blood. They didnít call my doctor and made me wait there for hours with no one even looking at how much I was bleeding. I finally got an ultrasound which confirmed I was hemorrhaging and there were blood clots. (Thanks...I really needed an ultrasound to point that out. All anyone had to do was lift up my covers to see that!) After the ultrasound I went to the washroom and a lot more blood clots poured out of me. My bf said it looked like I was giving birth; there was so much of it.

I kept getting dizzy and faint and my poor wonderful bf was scared to death for me, and tried to speed up the processes as much as possible by bugging the nurses over and over.

They finally handed me over to the doctorís office that did the surgery, but my doctor was not there that day. Too bad cause I got some other man that poked around in me and I donít really think he was as qualified as my regular doctor. I was in a tremendous amount of pain as he put that mustardy type solution in me with a tampon to try to stop the bleeding. He said he slowed it down, but I would need surgery to stop it and they admitted me into the hospital to wait for surgery.

While I was waiting there, another doctor came by that said the she was the one that is the "right hand woman" to my normal doctor and that surgery was not necessary. They were going to wait overnight to see if the solution pressed up against the blood vessel held in place with the tampon would heal the bleeding. In the morning they took it out and observed me and the bleeding had almost stopped so they sent me home.

What an ordeal! They said that my period probably dislodged the scab and opened a healing blood vessel to cause all this. Why didnít they tell me not to schedule it around my period??

Sorry for the length of this, I was just really frustrated with the whole experience and needed to get it off my chest! I still havenít gotten the results from my cone, but hopefully they come in soon with some good news to make this all feel a little better! Basically now they said that it could open up and start bleeding again, so I need to take it easy for a bit.

I hope everyone else that had a cone is having a better experience than this!!

I do feel better now and am happy to be home and feel sooo lucky to have such a wonderful bf. He was such a savior in this whole thing!

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