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I saw the same show this morning, very interesting show.

From the research I have done, it depends on where the cancer develops as to how soon it is caught. The woman in the show, christine, I think, did not say the kind of cervical cancer she had. The lesions that can be easily seen on the surface of the cervix, are from sqaumous cells. However, adenocarcinoma is much harder to detect in the early phases and starts in the canal or under the surface. (ECCS are very questionable as to their reliability, from what I've read.) So when these cancers are picked up, it is usally at a later stage.

The vaccine is for 2, i think, specific strains of HPV. So if you have not been exposed to those strains, it would help you to get the vaccine. However, if you have been exposed to those strains contained in the vaccine, then it would not be useful.

It's like the flu vaccine is made to protect you from 3 strains of the flu, but there are many, many strains of flu. And they make it so far ahead of the flu season, they are just taking their best guess as to what will be the most prevalent bugs that year.

I've done alot of research on the topic, but I can't say for sure how everything relates to each other. Like, I am not in any of the high risk groups for developing dysplasia, especially HGSIL in one year's time. My only risk factor is that I've been on the pill for 12 years. But... the research says that this increases risk by only 10% or so. I had sex for the first time at age 20, I've only had sex with two men... One being only with my husband for the last 11 years. I don't smoke. Yet here I am... I've had HPV (assumption, no test to confirm) for 11 years... now that makes me a high risk because I've had it for so long.

Hope all this helps in your quest for more info...

PS: I saw your other post, being on the pill increases you need for folic acid, so take the folic acid. FDA gives a recommended daily allowance, but ask you dr how much you should take. Probably taking a prenatal vitamin would be the best!

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