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Since last monday I have been experciancing severe lower adomonial pain. I have had very light spotting(The type of spotting where you mostly see it when you wipe(tmi I know)and a smudge on a pad). The cramps are the type that double you over. I got all the signs of my period ie.tender breast, mood swings, acne breakout, bloating, and my normal cravings for salt and chocolate. Then on Sunday I started spotting(which is unusual for me, but thought that sometimes periods change alittle) then on Monday the adomonial pain started along with the extremly light spotting. So I thought that my normal flow(I normaly have to wear a tampon and a pad because my flow is so heavy) would be starting soon. Wednesday came and went and I still had the pain but no period just some more spotting. Then Thursday came and it was the same as Wednesday. Friday came and the pain started to move into my back as well as my adomonial with the same light spotting. Then yesterday the pain was in my back, adomonial, and started radiating down into my thighs. Although the spotting is coming and going now the pain is still here and starting to get more constant(but still comes and goes).

*Side note* My normal period goes as followed
Day one of period- Severe cramps and Extremly heavy flow
Day two of period- Same as day one only with clots
Day three of period- Cramps start easing off and flow turns to a medium flow(for my type of flow) I also have clots
Day four of period- No cramps and medium flow I also have clots
Day five of period- No cramps and light flow
Day six of period- Period seems to stop
Day seven of period- Spot for the day
end of period.

I can't be pregnant because I have not had sex since July and had a normal period in August and September. I have not started any new meds and I haven't been on any type of birth control since I was 23 years old. I am currently 27. I have had my period since I was nine years old. So I know this is not normal for me. I have called my gyno to get an appointment and I can not be seen until the 25th of October. I need opinions and advice on what I should do.

I appreciate the advice and I thank anyone who post a reply.

also I was diagnosed in 2003 with severe dypslasia. I wanted you guy's to know that as well.

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