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The PAP can miss things. I had a PAP as well as colpo and ECC's done two weeks ago...PAP came back normal... ECC's not normal....this is all after cone biopsy for bad stuff, which is why I had the colpo at the same time. The PAP is purely a screening test. I would just wait and repeat the PAP. I am guessing they have you coming back in 4-6 months?? Moderate dysplasia is not as likely as mild to resolve itself, but it does happen and if she did thouroughly scrape the cervix during the colpo she may have removed all of the diseased tissue and caused the new cells to do their job...I have read this as well!! Good luck!
Thank you Sharon. I hope that you will be OK. I dont know for sure if I have glandular involvement, which is more serious. It is in the endocervical canal, which an ECC would pick up. BUT~ I have not had one of those yet, does that hurt?

I am so scared that waiting another 3 months I will develop cancer, but I am so scared to do the LEEP because of my ob history, and wanting other children. Im so confused. I still have the leep scheduled for the 18th, but Id really like to wait.


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