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This all can be true after multiple LEEP's, HOWEVER there is a procedure, which I am sure someone here will let you know the actual name of.... Where if you are at risk, they can insert a stitch to prevent this from happening.

Good Luck and let us know if you have anymore questions and how everything goes!
I am also 32 and donít have kids Ė had LEEP done yesterday, hopefully that will do.
I urge you to follow your doctors instructions and do what she says. If you have moderate to sever dysplasia, you *have* to remove the abnormality, for treatment as well as further diagnosis.
Do not worry about having/not having kids *now*. Your immediate goal is that you have to remain healthy and take care of *you*.
LEEP may cause problems with carrying to term Ė and it may not, many people have relatively normal pregnancies after.
But donít wait around, get LEEP done ASAP.
You donít want your abnormal cells progress to cancer (which they may not, but you canít know for sure) Ė in which case you may lose uterus, not just part of the cervix.
Why risk it; donít delay treatment that can save your life (or at least most of your pelvic organs).
You *can* be happy without children. Not so much after hyster/radiation/chemo, from what I gather.

It seems that CIN II and III often progress quicker then thought before, so you're better off to take care of things now.

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