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Re: Need Advice
Oct 10, 2006
Personally, I would wait and repeat the have mild dyspasia and your doctor is not that stage, it can resolve itself. But, that is just me. You did say these results were given to you after the colpo correct?? So, you have had biopsies and that is what the findings were? I am doing the wait and see after having the cone biopsy and now still having atypical cells left over. It takes a long time (much longer than three months for sure) for mild dysplasia to become cervical cancer...years actually. So, if you can mentally, I say wait and see if your body fights it. Worst case, it progresses to moderate or severe dysplasia and you have your LEEP then. I wish I could have forgone the procedures, but mine was waaay advanced and I didn't have an option. Now that I do, I am going to wait and give myself a break. I am seeing an oncologist who deals with this every day and he feels that waiting is the way to go. We are all different!! I am emotionally OK with the waiting, but it took me a little while to get there...alot of educating myself. If you are not, then get rid of it now and you have no worries for sure. From what I read, it is not that difficult (actually in office with a local - I had general anesthesia as I had the cone biopsy and don't want to do that again), and I will have a LEEP if I need anything else. He told me it is nothing compared to what I had done already. So, do some research...look at the recommended courses of action for mild dysplasia (which is usually repeat paps) and then decide!!

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