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Re: Leep
Oct 13, 2006
Had LEEP yesterday. Was scared to death prior reading about some bad cases – mine was a breeze, so I want to give you some details – hopefully to ease your mind.

Just want to say that procedure itself was NOTHING to fret about, I swear. I am a major coward as far as pain goes, ant it was better then say, root canal.
The only painful second or two were Lidocane injections for cervical block, but looking back to it, not bad at all.

I don’t know the depth of tissue my MD excised, but it had to be quiet a bit (CIN II and III). I peeked into my history for exact diagnosis and saw I also had some “glandular involvement”, which is not such great sign from what I know (chance of recurrence higher), But – I also saw that my ECC is clear (nothing in endo-cervical canal) which obviously rocks. So at the moment I’m happy and hopeful, waiting for results.

Ask your doc for Valium to take before procedure. I did, it worked so well – I was calm and happy, even if buzzed a bit. Ask for your MD to play music (radio, etc), so the vacuum doesn’t bother you. The numbing shot in the cervix is painful, yes – but not as painful as the one for dental work, I swear. Once you past the shot – you feel nothing, except a mildly warm sensation. My MD was able to excise tissue in one or two moves (which by itself took seconds). She was so sweet, and so were the two nurses helping her. We cracked jokes and kept asking me if I was comfortable, etc. When I was getting the cervical block, one of the nurses offered me hold her hand - which I think I almost crushed her fingers, but she said she was fine. LOL. It did not make my heart race or make me feel weird, maybe just a bit anxious – but then, I’m a spazz like I said.
When the MD used the actual LEEP loop, the noise was mo big deal (ask for radio/stereo to play, again) and there was no visible smoke or smell that I could detect. Turn your head away if you want.

Ok, so it was over. I felt nothing after. So I’m thinking, ok, the Lidocaine is still on. Hours and hours later – nothing. No pain, no cramps, no… anything J No blood or reeking discharge or anything like that people mentioned… one measly brown spot so far, color of the meds they put on the cervix post-cauterization. I got to spend a nice day at home, reading mags and playing scrabble with my boyfriend. The only thing, Valium made me sleepy once wore off and gave me a bit of headache (ibuprofein took care of that). That’s it for now.

I am kind of a jock, so I miss my sports so much. I’m tempted to work out since I feel so good, but the MD made me promise I won’t, at least a week or so.

So ladies, don’t get scared off by bad LEEP experiences… heavy bleeding post-LEEP is rare and could be a sign of a major problem not related to LEEP, so is malodor, which means infection… if you’re a “bleeder” and are prone to infections, ask for anti-biotic from your MD. Also, many women induce heavy bleeding on their own, by lugging around heavy stuff like laundry or their kids a day after. It’s a freakin’ surgery. Take the time to recover, and follow your doctors instructions.

Good luck to all, and I appreciate everyone who posts here!

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