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Karen, thanks for an awesome explanation.

Ok, I guess my fear of worse findings/under-staging at time of hysterectomy were unfounded. Perhaps the cases I read had rare forms of cancer like small cell or were treated long time ago, before LEEP/Cone were popular.


Sharon, I’m sorry – my intent was not to offend anyone. I do think however that someone *without* cancer can still comment on the subject.
Especially when having a high-risk HPV present and are looking at the high-grade precancerous lesion results and seeking some “what happens next” info, which for some maybe be an option of hysterectomy. I have a cervix, so yes, perhaps I have a right to comment on cervical cancer.

I do not claim to be an expert on anything, and yes, anything I post is just my subjective opinion. I though that's what we here for - to discuss???
Otherwise, heck yeah, we should just do exactly what the doctor says and look no further.

But I do derive it from facts, or at least things that are presented as facts, in the research I find, some of which is controversial or unclear.

I’m not saying “no one should get hysterectomy”, I’m merely saying “I don’t know if I would” (but of course, I see now that I would have to, if that was the only option). I do not equate having a uterus with being a woman, etc (I don’t even want to have kids of my own, so that’s obviously not an issue). I was just trying to research the long-term effect of hysterectomy on the body. I’ve read through some other dysplasia/cancer boards also, and see that some women get TAH for only CIS, or recurring CIN III, which just sounds so darn sever to me. I also think that it could be because many doctors don’t explain the aftermath of hysterectomy fully, like the risks of damage to pelvic nerves, etc.

Yes, I understand that that hysterectomy may be the only choice for some cases, still (and that’s just a personal opinion of course) it looks to me as though LEEP/Cone is almost just effective for the CIS/Stage 1.

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