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[QUOTE=niarules]Also, even if provided that cancer was or seemed “confined” to uterus, there are many instances of it recurring in vaginal cuff or other pelvic areas. Is that not true?

I think I have a descent understanding of cervical cancers and their prognosis, some of which is unknown and in the case of adenocarcinomas - most of it is unknown.

I do however think that MDs over-simplify the info they provide to patients.

"You'll get a hysterectomy and your cancer will be removed" is not correct. It may be removed, is more like it.[/QUOTE]

I have to jump in. A bit of background. I had a hysterectomy. I chose to have a hysterectomy. I had a stage 1a1 removed by a LEEP, I consulted with two gynecologists who told me hysterectomy was too radical while dismissing all the emotions I was feeling that came along with recieving a sudden out of the blue cancer diagnosis. 9 months after the LEEP I had another smear come back with high grade changes. As I was in the stirrups the gynecologist doing the colpo said I would have to have at a minimum another cone or else hysterectomy. All that was recommended on the final report was a re-pap in six months. There was no explanation. I consulted with a gynecologist oncologist who was surprised that my case had not been reviewed and recommendations made when the cancer was first discovered. This doctor sat down with me and allowed me to talk about my personal situation, about my concerns. This doctor told me what my options were (watch and wait or surgery). This doctor treated me with so much respect compared to the other docs. She also arranged for counseling to assist with the diagnosis shock - she said that just because it was a little cancer does not eliminate the shock that comes with such a diagnosis. And we also discussed in detail that it could recur in other areas of the lower genital tract.

I researched hysterectomy for MONTHS. It was not a decision I made lightly, it was not a decision I was ill informed about. I know what the risks are for recurrence, I know that removing my cervix and uterus do not eliminate the possibilities of it coming back, but I do know that it reduces them to a level that I can cope with. I am curious to know where you found the research saying that [I]many[/I] women go on to have recurrences on the vaginal cuff or other pelvic areas, because I've read alot as well and I have not found this sort of information. Is it possible for recurrence on the vaginal cuff, vulva, perineum and anus? yes indeed. No dispute, but I would like to see the numbers that consitute the use of the word "many".

The thing that influenced my decision was my personal situation and my ability to emotionally cope with watch and wait protocol, knowing I had never had an abnormal smear in my life then all of a sudden I had cancer. Yes it was tiny, but it had an enormous impact. Hysterectomy is an option I chose, but it does not have to be an option for all women. Some women are more comfortable watching and waiting. That's great for them. I wish I had half their strength.

I don't advocate hysterectomy as the best option for anyone. When I talk about it here, I always say "it was [I]the right choice for me[I]". I agree, you should read all you can about the surgery and make an informed choice about whether that is something you want to do or not. But know that if a woman does decide to go the surgery route that it is not a dirty word. And it doesn't make her any less of a person. Cause honestly, that's what I felt like when I read the first message about hysterectomy. and that's why I had to respond.

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