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Whats happening?
Oct 20, 2006
ok well im new to here and i have been going through alot and to be honest i just wanted peoples advice really and i wasnt sure which section to post it it... It will probably be quite long, but ill try keep it as short as possible for you all... Sorry about spelling and its not going to be in direct order of occurance!! This is the basic story outline...

I am 20 year old female and to be honest i have always seem to be having problems with my reproductive track since i was 16. Basically when i was 16 i had pelvic immflammtory disease and i was in a bad way, they wasnt too sure why i delevloped that as i only had sex with the one lad and only twice we didnt use protection(conclusion he cheated), anyway i was in hospital for some time being treated and i was told i may have problems conceiving in later life. since then i used to have lots of odd pains down below; along with other symptoms and ended up seeing a gynocolgist three times, at different times in my life. First time was due to me having so much pain and i had a laproscopy(was fine apart from odd mild scaring, which i was told shouldnt cause any problems). Time past and i was still uncomfortable down there, having pain etc and i went back to see the gynocologist again and this time i had a ultersound scan(was perfectly normal), i had blood tests(all fine) and i even had tests on my digestive system and nothing was found there apart from possible IBS, but was told no treatment needed, The last time was because i didnt have a period for 10 months(nothing was wrong with me and wouldnt do anymore tests, i found out it was due to me being on the anti-depressants, at that moment in my life) as soon as the anti-depressants were stopped after 2 months i had a period and it was back to normal.

I have always had painful and quite heavy periods since i started at the age of 13/14 and sometimes the odd clotting in the blood. I started becoming very sexualy active and evetually with different people, here and there and i never worn protection(since 16) wrong i know, but i was maybe just selfish and careless. I have had Claymedia 5 times since 2004 until now and i have been quite ill through it, but i got treated with anti-biotics every time and ended up being fine. I have been told that my chances of having a baby is very slim(all ive ever wanted is my own child). So the whole time since i was 16 i have basic endless pain and discomfort down there.

Recently i decided to go for my routine check at the GU clinic as i hadnt been for a while and i started getting alot of symptoms etc, they found claymedia(making it the 5th time) so i had two lots of anti-biotics(i started the treatment before i got my results) and when i went back to get the results i was stil unwell and started to feel worse so they sent more for an ultrasound scan.

Symptoms as follows -

Lower back pain, serve lower abdomal pain, cramps, upwards pain, feeling sick 24/7, being sick,consipation one minute then next diahorra, hot sweats(noramly at night), constant tiredness, weakness, serve leg pain, brusing appearing on legs without reason, (with a raised lump and redness at times), cant walk with the pain sometimes, bloating, swollen abdomon, excessive urination,pain during and after sex, alsorts of different pains down below. I have had rectual bleeding and pain recently and mucos stools sometimes, mainly after consitaption. My weight it normal, (only place is stomack as swollen and puffy)no extra hair, no spots/ance, moods normal, normal periods for me. I genraly feel unwell in my self and i feel im getting worse and i started having time off college and work as its getting so bad... hard to explain all on here...

The ultrasound scan show as follows - Enlarged ovaries, enlarged uterus, enlarged wall(i cant spell that word but begins with an E), seem polycystic, but not convinced as i havnt any other symptom for it, cyst found in the ovary(i had finished my period by a few days/to a week before this scan was done).

I was told i had to see a gynocologist ASAP and i needed to have a smear test and another ultersound scan. (also my bladder wasnt as full as it should be, she couldnt see the other ovary as much as thats mainly the side of the pain as i was told during the scan) i was told try to relax and get help asap as we cant help you here now and it could be serious. So i went to get a referral and its a 16 week waiting list so im going private and the oppointments this monday. So i went today to college the form of results for the scan and on it also says - cyst with thickened (cant quite read the word looks like vtroma, but i wouldnt no as the written is hard to get) and the form doesnt have much information on what i was told.

Thanks for your time, any idea?? take care xxxxxx
:confused: :confused:

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