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LEEP Procedure
Oct 23, 2006
I have High Grade lesions on my cervis and I am having the LEEP prodcedure done in two days. I have read a lot about it. And am not too nervous. ( I think ) : ) . Very anxious to get it over and done with. I've been trying to read about what to expect after and I read a lot about bleeding after the procedure. I am curious about recovery. My doctor said I should'nt lift heavy things, and there will be some discomfort and bleeding. I know that everyone's body is different. I am hoping somebody can tell me how thier recovery was. I am a mom of 2 boys and I work full time. I am nervous of being in pain I guess. Maybe someone can let me know... thank you in advance for your time.
Re: LEEP Procedure
Oct 24, 2006

I am mom of two boys as well (4.5 years and 2.5 years). I had my LEEP done on October 10th. I was worried about the after-effects too (how can a mom of a toddler not lift heavy things?? :) ) anyway, it was FINE. I did spend the afternoon after the procedure in bed, but frankly I think that was more emotional than physical. I just couldn't believe I had precancers on my cervix--totally unexpected and scary. I did pop ibuprofin a few times a day for a day or two afterwards, but the pain was fairly mild. I have had little to no bleeding. I'm wearing panty liners for the bit of discharge, but it's no big deal, really. Also, I was under local anesthesia, so I was awake and aware and came home about 15 minutes after the LEEP was done. It is not fun, but it is not horrible either.

And, lucky me, since my margins were not clear, I have to go back for another one (or a cone). Anyway, good luck, and I hope they get all of your bad cells on the first go!
Re: LEEP Procedure
Oct 24, 2006
Anxious, please donít worry, the LEEP is not a big deal at all. Tell your doc to give you a Valium or other oral sedative if you like.
I took Valium and was feeling fine (Iím a major coward btw).
Most likely, youíll have brownish discharge for 1 week, and a very light bleeding for 2-3 weeks after. My post-op memo says that and so far I find it accurate. Possibly cramps (I have none, just some light bleeding. My LEEP was on Oct 12).
2 more days and I can exercise, yippee! I wouldnít lift heavy stuff over 20 lbs though or exert, just in case. The scab on the wound can come off prematurely and youíll bleed more. Fast walks are fine.
Yes, get it over with ASAP. That was my reasoning also.

Sippy - best of luck with the second one. Have you done a PAP/Colpo 6 months after your 1st LEEP? Sometimes the unclear margins are burnt off by coagulation. From what I understand, unclear margins arenít as important in recurrence of CIN as involvement of glands, age, and HPV presence anyway, unless they are combined with these factors.

I could be wrong, but I thought a repeat LEEP/Cone is done when CIN of original grade or higher recurs and persists, after 6 mo examination.
Re: LEEP Procedure
Oct 25, 2006
Anxious, good for you!

You'll probably feel better when LEEP's over. Plan on relaxing the rest of the day if you can ;) It's really not that big of a deal, as far as pain and discomfort - I really had none to be honest.

Now I'm alwmost 2 weeks past, only have a light bleeding which my memo from doc may start 1 week after procedure, and it did (said to last 2-3 weeks or less). It's winter (no beach) so I can live with it :)

Anyway - I wish you a painless and quick recovery and for you results to come back most favorable, take good care and post an update maybe.

It really helps to others waiting for biopsies/LEEPs, I think.

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