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You’re welcome, Meg.
I can’t believe your doctor didn’t grill you about smoking.
It’s a major contributing factor for many cancers, and cervical in particular. But I bet if you asked your MD, they’d tell you (though you shouldn’t have to ask of course, they’ve got to know better).
Presence of high-risk HPV strains (16 or 18 especially, DNA HPV test tells you if you have one of the high risk ones, though won’t confirm which) is also kind of important, probably the most important IMO. I think something like 97% of cancerous AND precancerous cervix conditions are due to HPV?

Also, if you do not know the status of your margins (it sounds like you had a cold knife cone, which is similar to LEEP), then perhaps not all of the original abnormality was excised and there is some residual “bad cells”, as opposed to recurring ones.

Colpo with biopsy would probably be best. And please quit smoking or cut down. I still smoke one a day sometimes, or a half. Actually, knowing it may contribute to my dysplasia really took some enjoyment out of it (which is good I suppose :)

Also, I did some research and found that a large daily dose of vitamin B-12 complex (buy the one that comes with folic acid), on top of your regular multi-vitamin, may help. It’s said to boost red cell production and cell renewal. I also take colostrum, which supposed to be great for immune system. I am not sure if it will help, but it certainly won’t hurt.

You're right about humor. Going nuts certainly doesn't help. Speaking of a slab meat off cervix - I actually looked up some picks of what it looks like after LEEP and almost :p past out... However - they had the same cervix photo a year AFTER - it looks perfectly healthy, wow! so there is lots of hope for all of us.

Good luck Meg, post after the follow up.

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