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Hi everyone-
I'm also newly diagnosised as having AIS. I'm 32, married, and just went off the pill 6 months ago so that my husband and I could start a family. I've been dealing with all of this craziness for 3 of the six months now and needless to say...not pregnant. (i guess that may be a blessing) My pap and my colposcopy came back with abnormal results but pretty inconclusive so my GYN performed a LEEP procedure 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately, my LEEP results came back with positive margins. The good news was the ECC showed no dysplasia just inflammation.

I saw my first gyn-onclolgist yesterday. He has suggested that I have a cone once I totally heal from the leep and try to get negative margins. I have a second opionion scheduled for Dec 12th. Has anyone heard of just following positive margins at this point rater than doing another cone.

I've looked at some of the research and some of it suggests that the reoccurance rate of is similair with negative or positive margins. I'm not sure what this second Dr. will say. I just know that I want to have a family and just trying to figure out the best way to do that and make sure that I'm okay too.

I'd be very willing to have a hysterectomy after I have a baby or two. Anything that you ladies have found out would be very helpful on this whole AIS issue with pregnancy/fertility.

I know that once you have a conization you do run a risk of having troble conceiving due to the possibility of cervical stenosis and then a higher risk of not carrying a baby to term due to an incompotent cervix (cervix opening before term). I've found minimal info on the internet so any insight you could share would be so appreciated.

This justs sucks for all of us and it's just nice to know that we are not alone. Thanks for your help and I will keep all of you in my prayers too.

Hi All - I accidentally came across this forum while searching for the latest scientific articles on AIS and felt the need to post. I was diagnosed with AIS at the age of 27 and have been through everything that you are discussing. Because I am a PhD whose expertise is in oncology research (although I am not a MD) and have access to journals, etc. I was hoping I could reassure some of you. First of all AIS IS NOT cancer. It is localized and should never be treated with chemo as some have suggested on this board. I had a CKC with negative margins and had successful pregnancies following that (although you do need to watch out for that incompetent cervix, monitoring by ultrasound and treated with cerclage if needed). My treatment was done by an Ob/gyn although I did consult with a gyn oncologist at the dana farber to get his opinion. Their joint agreement was a pap every 3 months for the first 3 years and every 6 months after that. you have to make sure the person doing the pap knows your history and gets a really good scraping AND makes a note for the pathologist that you have a history of AIS. With the stenosis sometimes caused by the CKC, getting a good sample can require some roughness. After my first child i had an AGUS pap which required a second CKC because of my history. There was no AIS the second time but I went back on the 3 month pap schedule. It has been 4 years since then and things have remained fine. I am now done with having kids and none of my doctors seems to think that a hysterectomy is called for as a preventative measure. The scientific literature strongly supports CKC as being sufficient treatment (but not a laser/leep etc) for AIS- as long as the margins are negative. I know it can be scary at first especially if you haven't had kids yet but cervical adeno in situ is not as big a deal as its name makes it seem. You will all be fine! Just make sure you have a doctor who keeps up on the literature and knows what he/she is talking about and make sure the pathologist who reads your pap knows to look out for glandular abnormalities.

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