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LEEP, I don’t think your PAP is at all discouraging at this point; you’d have to just wait for the actual results. 3-4 weeks is an awfully long time!
My lab takes about 10 days.
Not sure why the doctor said that, but indeed some factors increase recurrence chance of CIN.

The gland involvement *may* increase the recurrence rate – but I read before that it’s normally a combination of factors rather then a single one (HPV, smoking, age, your overall health condition, glandular involvement, margins, etc).

I also had CIN with gland involvement and had LEEP done, waiting follow-up in 6 months – so I can relate to how you feel. The best study I found on the subject is from

The title is “Risk Factors for Early Cytologic Abnormalities After Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure”, of 2002.
Here is a quick blurb:
RESULTS: A total of 298 women underwent LEEP during the study period, and 29% of these had cytologic abnormalities after LEEP. Grade of dysplasia, ectocervical marginal status, endocervical marginal status, and glandular involvement with dysplasia were not found to be independent risk factors for early cytologic abnormalities. However, when risk factors were analyzed cumulatively, the abnormal cytology rate increased from 24% with no risk factors to 67% with three risk factors present (P = .037). Of patients with abnormal cytology after LEEP, 40% developed subsequent dysplasia, and the mean time to diagnosis was approximately 6 months. The relative risk of subsequent dysplasia ranged from a 20% increase to twice the risk if post-LEEP cytology was low-grade squamous intra-epithelial lesion or high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion, respectively.
CONCLUSION: Based on these results, consideration should be given for early colposcopic examination of patients who have evidence of marginal involvement or endocervical glandular involvement with dysplasia. These patients are at increased risk for abnormal cytology and recurrent dysplasia. This initial visit should occur at 6 months, as the mean time to recurrence of dysplasia was 6.5 months.

:confused: One thing that confuses me – is “glandular involvement” same as “endo-cervical glandular involvement”??? Because I did have “glandular involvement” on colpo biopsy results – but my ECC results were clear…
Can someone comment whether “gland involvement” and “endo-cervical gland involvement” are used interchangeably?
Or - does "glandular involvent" means ECTO-cervical, if your endo-cervical scraping is clear??

LEEP, even with one or few risk factors present, you still have a descent chance of not having recurrence. Sleep lots, get plenty of rest, and take best care of yourself. Post an update please.

I’ll be in this situation in 6 mo too, waiting…. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! Good luck.

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