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I have had a cone surgery too. The procedure itself was not bad at all. I had spotting and cramping after the surgery, like a bad period, but nothing too major. I even rode my horse three weeks later to the horror of my doctor. (Shame on me) I started spotting again after that so I didn't ride again for quite some time. Because everything inside was healing, I develpoed a bit of cervicitis (sp?) which was no biggie, just more vaginal discharge than normal. So, I was prescribed some cream. I wish you clear margins and a quick recovery. I'm sure you will find the 'worrying' is the worst part.
I had the cold knife biopsy yesterday, and it was not nearly as bad as I anticipated. I was sooo scared and unsure of what the recovery would be like...but I think it is mostly emotional rather than physical stress.

I slept when I got home, took some pain pills and ate lots of comfort foods! I feel much better today, just a dull ache on my left side, no bleeding, minor discharge, and I still feel sleepy. I find out the results next week (hopefully).

I strongly recommend that you have a few good friends/family take care of you and let them pamper you for a few makes a world of difference. I wish you the best of luck, stay hopeful and keep yourself distracted with something fun (I actually took up sewing a few weeks ago!)

thank you to everyone on this message board, it has been the most helpful to know that feeling scared is normal.

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