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Re: Discharge
Nov 10, 2006
Just wanted to say I had a LEEP also – a month ago, and once in a great while, too, there is a minute amount of light pink discharge, completely odorless and watery.

Pretty sure it’s ok – even if it persists for a few months. I had a follow-up colpo, and my MD said that the cervix is healing great, and the minor discharge is nothing to worry about. Some people have it for up to three months after, on and off. As long as there is no smell, fever, heavy bleeding, it’s nothing to worry about. Everyone heals at their own pace ;)

Also, the speed of that may depend on how good your were your first few days-week post-LEEP… if you were running, lagging heavy stuff around, etc –you may take longer to heal.

I agree, stop hunting for the "one who gave you HPV". If you've been with nore then 1 person, it's really impossible to tell. I seriously don't care, personally. Best to concentrate on things you CAN control - your complete recovery and healthy life style ;)

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