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What to believe????
Nov 12, 2006
Hey all!

I have been posting since August...diagnosis after cone was carcinoma in situ with unclear margins in a nutshell. My follow up biopsy (of ECC's..which is in the canal) revealed atypia which left me feeling very confident that I had beat this cancer. About 5 weeks ago I began experiencing pain when I urinated...not burning, but pain in my right side...a pulling, sharp pain...only when I peed. And then it became constant. I went back to my doctor, she performed an internal, and took a urine sample (which came back negative for bacteria and pregnancy) and she has now ordered a CT of my pelvis and abdomen because, as she says, she may have "missed something". I don't know what to think at this point. I have seen a gyno/oncologist (he did the last round of biopses and said we were good to "wait and see"). Anyone else out ther had their doctors be wrong and paid the price??? I need to know what to do?? HELP!!!

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