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3 weeks after leep
Nov 16, 2006
It's been 3 weeks since I had the leep procedure done. I am feeling good. Being careful, but I am curious if anyone who's had the leep had any complications after 3 weeks? Did anyone ever get the okay from their dr. to exercise or have sex. Reason being is that I am actually going to be doing some heavy lifting this evening, I can't get out of it and am alittle nervous because It hasn't been a full 4 weeks recovery. Has anyone healed completely within 3 weeks time? Thanks in advance for your time...
I think I was pretty good at 3 weeks. I waited 2 weeks to exercise, like the doctor said. It was hard to avoid lifting because I had a 4 month old and car seats are pretty heavy. Since I was feeling pretty good I was bad and had sex before my 4 week check up. My doctor told me that it all looked good when I went in for my follow up.

Don't do anything that is more than neccessary. You don't want to risk any unneeded complications if you don't have to.

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