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Hi all,

Just needed someone to talk to really.

Since having my daughter in August 2005 I have been having really irregular bleeding, but it has got really heavy and constant for the last 2 months, along with alot of soreness and excrutiating cramps (which i have never had). I went to the doctor and she game me some hormone tablets to stop the bleeding so that she could have a look, and when I went back she instantly saw the problem, some (in her words) nasty looking lumps on my cervix, which immediately bled everywhere as soon as she touched them. That was last week, she made an immediate appointment for me to go to the hospital to have a colposcopy. I have read all about it and done research and find it all very daunting really. Before i had my daughter I spose about 3 yrs ago now i had an abnormal smear but nothing was done, just more regular smears, and the two i had after the abnormal one were clear. Then I fell preganant and havent had one since. (I was sent to the hospital while i was pregnant as my cervix looked very red etc, but they put it down to pregnancy).

I just dont know what to expect!

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