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I belong to a lot of boards and I usually am kind've annoyed by posts like this but I really need some support right now.

I was diagnosed with mod dysplasia two years ago. I had a leep (the results of the leep were "inflammation" -- I guess they got it all with the biopsy and I'm not a little bitter about the uncessary leep -- but that's a different story). I also had a C-section style surgery to remove two huge masses from my ovaries -- both of which were benign.

Since that time I have had one ASCUS pap which was attributed to the inflammation immediately after the leep and two normal paps. I have been "released" to go back to a pap every year at this point.

DH and I have been diagnosed with severe male factor infertility and we had two unsuccessful IVF attempts this summer (one ending in a chemical pregnancy and one negative). Also, I had to put my beloved dog to sleep after a terrible sickness. THis has been the worst year of my life. All of this to say that I started smoking again. I have been smoking for about three months and I'm terrified that the dysplasia may have returned. I went to the dr. and she would not do a pap as I am not scheduled for one until April (I have an HMO). I guess I'm looking for someone to tell me that if I quit now and get healthy again, there's a chance it hasn't come back. I know it's crazy. I'm just so anxious about it and feel so guilty for smoking.

I'm sorry this is so long and I thank you if you've gotten this far :). It's just that I don't know anyone who has gone through this. I also know that there are people on this board dealing with serious issues and I hope my post hasn't offended anyone.


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