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I'm 35 and got my first abnormal pap result back a week before Thanksgiving. The nurse told me that the results claimed it was HGSIL with moderate dysplasia...wanted to do a colposcopy right after my next cycle..which would be the next Monday. So, after losing sleep, not knowing anything about anything, and losing 8lbs in 8 days....I had the procedure. She explained to me about HPV..which freaked me out...been married for a long time. Then said as she was looking...that she only saw a small area, took a biopsy and said she didn't see anything that appeared to be cancer. So....they called yesterday...I didn't get to talk to my regular nurse (the doc is never available to speak to) and the other nurse pulled my chart and said she didn't see anything that looked bad. I asked her about the dysplasia...because that seemed to be the thing to worry about? She said it didn't say that I had dysplasia and that inflammation was present. I said..."so you are telling me that everything is o.k.?' She says " i don't see anything that looks bad" So frustrating. Said the only note was a follow-up appt. in one month which I scheduled. i asked her if it was for a procedure...she said probably not. it's the weekend and I'm sick all over again...don't know whether to be relieved, or what? if it's nothing..why one month...if it's something wouldn't she have been able to read the report and tell me something? So confused!
I would appreciate any advice or information. I've read alot.....
My suggestion would be to ask for your pathology report. That will tell you exactly what the pathologist found and you can then proceed to do your own research. I've found that you can't always trust what the "nurse" says. In a office based practice it may not have even been a nurse. You have a right to know about your medical care and I would suggest a proactive approach in taking care of you.

It may be just as the nurse stated and there may be nothing wrong. However if there is something wrong wouldn't you want to be proactive now rather then waiting for it to get worse.

I don't want to scare you and I pray that you are fine but I had a HGISL on a Pap, no colposcopy, but then three more normal paps before I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in situ. I don't want what has happened to me to happen to you.

I hope that everything turns out fine!!!


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