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I got my unofficial results from the nurse of my colpo. I don't have an appt. with the doctor until December. My Pap came back with HGSIL and Mod. Dysplasia...but my nurse said the colpo didn't show any dysplasia, just inflammation which is good news I'm assuming. I don't know much about any of this until I started reading. She said the Pap did correlate with the colpo...I didn't understand that?? Anyway, I don't know what the next step will be...I guess I will find out in a month. Is it normal to have such different readings? I'm not complaining..esp. if it's good news. I'm a worrier!
I had a pap come back hsil with moderate changes, the colpo (with ecc) was negative, although it was unsatisfactory (meaning she could not see the endocervical canal). I was told to re-pap in six months. I went on to have a hysterectomy (based on my history and personal circumstances, this is not a recommended option for all women) and the pathology was clear. So either the pap was over-read, or it cleared up on its own.

I am confused by the nurse saying the colpo correlated with the pap. That does not make sense at all. If the colpo correlated with the hsil pap, then the doc had to have seen dysplasia or something to indicate high grade changes. If the nurse is saying all he saw was inflammation, well, it just doesn't make sense to me??? (You either, I can tell from your post!) Does not mean you have dysplasia, it could be the nurse gave you the wrong information telling you the pap and colpo correlated. When the colpo report comes in, get a copy of it, as well as a copy of your smear report. And be sure to ask your doctor lots of what is the next step? why the difference between the pap and the colpo results?

In the meantime, I would try not to worry (this from a big worrier - I am really bad for that!). Do stuff to keep you busy and the time will go by faster for you. Let us know how things turn out.


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