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Re: New symptoms?
Jan 15, 2007
I went to my appointment today, and they did the repap and HPV testing, it'll be 7 days before I know anything on that. In the meantime, on the other issue with the pain and bleeding I have been experiencing, and with my past medical history,she thinks that I may have adhesions or endometriosis. She said they really need to do a laparoscopy to be sure, but i was reluctant. She wants me to think about it, and gave me some information to take home and read. She said we have this other (the dysplasia, HPV) to deal with in the meantime while i think on it.
She noticed some redness on my cervix, but said she didn't think it was related to the dysplasia. So now it's just wait and see and continue taking the IB800's for the pain right :)

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