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Can you get ovarian cancer with met's to bone in just a yrs time? I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm just a bit confussed right now.

Briefly history is....about a yr ago my dr drained FLUID from a cyst on my left ovary when he was removing scar tissue. Pathology came back on the fluid and OC couldn't be ruled out until the ovary tissue was tested. Had a abdominal LSO 2 weeks later with pelvic washing to clean up any cells that spilled out durring the draining of the cyst since no precautions were taken. My ovary tested BENIGN. Yeppie.

Now.... Went to the dr a few weeks ago because I just wasn't feeling well. Not anything spacific, just not myself. Having bowel issues, back pain, leg aches, heartburn, some pelvic discomfort but not really pain, and feeling like something was in my ribs off and on and BLOATING BLOATING BLOATING!!! I thought gall bladder and so did family dr but given previous history also focussed on my one ovary I have remaining. Gall bladder looked fine on sono and MRI. Mri found 2 complex cyst on my ovary that form one and also small amount of free fluid in my pelvis. It also found a 1.1cm lesion on my hip bone along with similar lesions scattered throughout the structure and states it's a possible met's of a primary malignancy!!!!

A yr ago none of this was there or the dr would of taken it then. If this is OC could it of progressed so quickly???? I had a appt with my gyn and he called to have me see him sooner but thats not till Dec 22nd. He will be out of town. I will have the pelvic sono before I see him and have to go into the office before then for labs. I am scheduled for a bone scan on Dec 14th.

Could it of progressed that quickly? Suggestions? Advise?


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