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My story is a little long so I'll try to give a brief overview. Just wondering if any other physician followed up by just repeat pap after High Grade Intraepilhelial Squamous Cell Lesion (HGISL) was detected on yearly pap. Here is my history...

Sept 2003- Pap showed HGISL
(Never notified by GYN about abnormal result until I called the office in April to chang the Birth Control pill I was on due to side effects. A repeat pap was recomemded at that time).

April 2004 - Repeat pap was done right away and came back fine, however was tested for HPV at that time and came back positive of High Risk HPV. I was only told by the office that my pap came back fine. I was never informed that I was HPV positive.

Jan 2005 - Switch OB/GYN's due to my past experience and had ok HPV test at that time

Jan 2006 - Pap was normal however was again tested for HPV due to new office practice and this time again showed high risk HPV (Still never notified of HPV status).

Sept 2006 - went to GYN for pelvic pain and asked to be checked out for everything due to the amount of pain I was in. Turned out I had a functional hemorragic ovarian cyst which was causing the pain, but pap cam back with abnormal glandular cells . It was at this point that I was finally notified that I had HPV and only then because I requested my pathology report and it was there in writing.

October 2006 - Colposcopy with biobsy could not rule out high grade cervical lesion however was not conclusive.

November 2006- LEEP procedure done. Results were High grade glandular lesion (AIS-Adenocarcinoma in situ) with positive margins. Only good new is that the ECC came back with just some inflammation no dysplasia.

Currently seeing multiple GYN onclolgists for best treatment option to perserve fertility. I think I'm in for a cone next. I'm 32, married for 3 1/2 years and just getting ready to try to start a family when all of this was discovered.

Has anyone had a similiar experience???? Has anyone just been followed by paps after a HGISL was detected on Pap? Has anyone had a HGISL turn in to adenocarcinoma in situ or are the two not related (I know that most cases are HPV related but maybe one does not progress to the other).

Sorry for the length of this but I find that I'm deperate for answers to these questions. I knew back in 2003 that it was wrong not to notify me of my abnormal pap, but I really think that the dr may have be negligent in my care as well by not referring me for a colposcopy back then. I get sick to my stomach everytime I think that this could have been diagnosed three years earlier if the OB/GYN had just done better follow up. Now it may cost me my fertility or even worse my life. Hopefully neither are the case but only time will tell. Thanks for reading and any insight would be welcome.

Please make sure that each of you are very agressive with your care and what your pathology reports say. There is a lot of crap on the internet, but a lot of good information too. You should have the ultimate say in how you are cared for by the medical profession.


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