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Hi my name is Christina and i am 34 years old and i have three kids. Since oct 1ts of this year i started having lower back,left leg and left hip pain and pelvic pain. X ray showed nothing in my lower back. MRI showed arthritis in my lower back but there were no pinched nerves or bulging disk that explains the hip and leg pain. The MRI was done on my lower back and got low enough that it did show a small cyst on my left ovary. 1-2 years ago i got a ultrasound at a different office and showed a cyst on my left ovary to. I have no appetite and i have lost weight. My lower abdomin is discomforted and crampy and I do get nauseas and throw up sometimes. There are alot of cancer on my moms side of the family. In each generation of sibling from my great grandmother down, at least half of the siblings in each generation came down with cancer and some come down with two different types of cancer.
I saw my OBGYN today. When he was examining me he had a hard time reaching my left ovary because it felt full on my left side and it was tender on that left side to. He also said that there is two small cysts on my cervix. I have had reflux for quite a while now. I have pain during sex. i have very painful heavy periods that is worse than normal. I also have abdominal discomfort/crampy and i think it has something to do with my colon so he ordered a colonoscopy and EGD i think they call it where they run a light down my throat and stomach. The EGD and colonoscopy is scheduled for January 9th. I talked to the referring nurse and she told me a lady will call me for a transvaginal ultrasound within the next two days. I want to get my tubes tied to. I am thinking of going back next week to ask for the tubal and have him do a diagnostic laproscopy at the same time. I forgot to tell him that i have the urge to pea all of a sudden and go to the bathroom alot to.
I also would like to add that when i went to the bathroom, i leaned back and looked down on my lower tummy to see if there was any difference and my left lower stomach side is sticking out further than my right lower stomach side. Things that make you go HMMMMMMM...
I just want to know if any of you had the same symptoms before being dx. Also did your GYN doc tell you while he was examining you that he couldn't reach your ovary because it felt 'full' in the area where the cancer is on the ovary that he is trying to examining? Did he find cysts on your cervix that turned out to be cancerous?

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