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Re: Cin Iii
Dec 27, 2006
I had the same thing, and had laser in August 2005. To my surprise, I had a recurrence of abnormal cells this last November, after an initial pap in February'06 coming back normal. My oncologist, the one who performed my laser surgery advised to get a colposcopy w/ biopsy again (dread) and followup, but not to worry if the cells are CIN I...they will only do something if they are severe again like they were initially. I also had dysplasia on my vaginal walls, so they lasered that. I wasn't able to have sex or wear tampons for months as I recall, it sucked so bad! Then for awhile after I experienced spotting after intercourse with my boyfriend. The Dr. told me that it can take 8 mos or so to fully cauterize.
Anyway, the procedure itself was a breeze b/c they put me to sleep for it. I don't remember anything, and I had cramps afterward but nothing serious.
I am surprised with how rare this laser procedure seems, everyone seems to have LEEP but I don't think that was a viable option to me for whatever reason.
Anyway, good luck to you, you'll be just fine...just never stop having pap smears.

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