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ugh I wrote a whole response and lost it somehow...if it duplicates sorry...i'm new here!

Anyway I just wanted to add that I just had a LEEP yesterday afternoon and the procedure itself was not bad at all. My pap came back for mild dysplasia and I underwent a colposcopy. The results of that came back inconclusive so she recommended the LEEP. She said that performing a biopsy on cell scrapings sometimes aren't as well as performing a biopsy on the abnormal cell tissue. My sample was sent to the lab and we're awaiting the results of that biopsy and she will call me back. She expects to have me on a 4 or 6 mth pap schedule following those results.

Just for piece of mind I would definitely proceed with the LEEP. The procedure was not bad at all. It only took 30 mins and she said that was longer than the norm but I bled more than usual due to taking ibuprofen for numerous days before the procedure. There was very very little pain during the procedure and I've not had any since.

Good luck in whatever you decide...

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