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January of 2006 we found out my mom had Cancer. She had alot of stomach pain and bloating and the doctor's didn't know why. We ended up in the ER because she collapsed in the floor from the pain. They done a Ct scan and found she was in the late stage of 3 of Ovarian Cancer. I thought they handed my mom a death sentence, because everyone I have ever heard of has died from this. Well we started out with chemo and it attacked the little cancer not the big. We tried a 2nd chemo and it attacked thie big tumor not the small. We are on a 3rd chemo and it is working. September of last year they told us they were just buying her time, and she would not recover. Well.. Lot's of prayers and crying later, we are really close to going into remission. I have had so many ups and downs, but I educated myself and kept myself surrounded with my family and friends, and prayed REALLY Hard! Please everyone who is dealing with this, try no matter how hard it is, stay positive no matter what. Don't let the Cancer win. We are Tough women, and we are fighters till the end.:)

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