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Brief history: I was diagnosed with CIN1 April 2006, had a biopsy. August 2006 another colposcopy, nothing to biopsy, looking better. Just had another colposcopy yesterday, another biopsy, margins spreading but he thinks it is still CIN1. My doctor wants to do a leep and says it isn't the regular leep, but done with ultrasonic waves. He also wants to use general anesthesia which I am not a big fan of. Has anyone had this procedure done and done with local anesthesia?
I just had a leep procedure done on wed. I had it at the outpatient surgical center at the hospital and i had general. they gave me an iv and gas. i was glad they did though because i don't remember a thing and i don't think that i want to. i wasn't in any pain when it was over just a tiny bit of cramping that went away with ibuprofin.

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