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thanks for replying! Is cryo freeze not as effective as the leep? I'm pretty sure the doctors will do something (I'd be shocked if they don't), I'm just wondering what will be done. When they remove the tissue, are people normally awake or under anesthesia? I had read that they just give you a local, but a lady i talked to that had the leep procedure done said that she was under general anesthesia. I'm hoping that I'm completely out.

Thanks so much for the advice! I truly appreciate it and it feels better knowing others are going through this, even though I wish none of us were. I will be picking up a bottle of folic acid today at the store too. I picked up a bottle of vitamin E yesterday because I read somewhere that it can help too? I do eat a lot of vegetables, probably not the daily recommended amount, but starting yesterday I changed that, my diet is now mainly vegetables and just some protein, dairy and whole grains. I had stopped working out, but I am restarting again today. Nothing too hard just some light cardio.

Thanks again for responding and easing my fears a little! I hope whats going on with you is getting better. I am glad I found this place!

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