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Hi, I have been through the same thing you are going through now. I had CIN I and CIN II. I had cryofreeze first when it was at tage CIN I. I would say no to cryo. It was not effective. My pap after cryo came back abnormal, with now stage CIN II. I changed Dr and she had me go for a Leep. The margins showed she got all the CIN II but, I still show extension of CIN I. I went back for my 4 month after Leep. It came back abnormal again but mild. My Dr says that can be normal for a while because of healing. Now I wait 4 monthes to see if it clears.

As far as having a child later after Leep. You can but, you need to wait a year and be clear. The only thing is you my have to have a stitch on your cervix to hold everything up if you become pregnant. Your cervix will be week. You will need to tell your Dr if you are planning to have a baby.

The thing I'm facing is I had a lot of my cervix removed and I hope I have a chance to carry a baby when the time comes. i have talked to others that have had babies after Leep but, I'm not sure they had as much of their cervix

My Dr said the same thing ( It's not cancer). I have read that CIN I doesn't tun into cancer but, CIN II an III can.
So get the Leep done right away. They say it grows slow but mine grewfast.

My Dr also said if you smoke you need to stop. If your husband smokes he needs to stop too. She said his spurm will be like putting miracle grow on the CIN. Start taking 1mg folic acid, E IU 200, vit C 250mg and multivitamin everyday. Eat lots of green and yellow vegetables. Carrots are a must. Exercise and get lots of rest. You can fight this and be free and clear. That what I'm doing.

Try not to worry. You are not alone:wave:

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