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I found out yesterday that my mother is diagnosed with stage 2.3 of 10-11 stages. She has already had freezing done a few times and will have surgery in the summer to remove the uterus. She asked the doctor how long she has left to live with and without having the surgery. He told her only 10 years either way but without the surgery her last years would be more worse. My mother is 52 years old. I was wanting to know what the average years left were for something like this? I knew she was being tested for this and that it would probably be diagnosed that she has the cancer but I wasn't expecting only 10 years left. I was thinking more like 15-20. I know to not always go by the doctor saying so many years since a lot of people end up living past. That's why I thought I would ask on here. She is still having the freezing done to keep it in one place. I'm only 22 so the news was shocking especially since I just moved a few states away and was hoping to have at least one of my parents around to see grandchildren from me. My father had a heart attack a long time ago and now he is 63 and can't afford the medicine so he might not be around much longer.
So sorry to hear that your mom is dealing with this. I'm a bit confused by your post, does you mom have cervical pre-cancer cells (CIN 2/3)? I have not ever heard of it being described in 10 or 11 stages...I'm not a doctor, but I have done LOADS of reading on cervical cancer. Usually precancerous cell changes are treated with freezing or an excision of the abnormal cells (LEEP or cold knife cone biopsy). A stage 2 invasive cervical cancer would be treated with chemotherapy and radiation, usually NOT surgery, as with a stage 2 the tumor is too large and they need to shrink it with the chemo and radiation.

I wonder if your mom's doctor was talking about the "typical" timeline for the development of precancerous cells into invasive cervical cancer? The average length of time for this to occur is 10 years, but it can progress faster, or not at all.

I was diagnosed with a Stage 1a1 invasive cervical cancer at the age of 32. I very much expect to live for a very long time.

I encourage you to talk with your mom about this more. Look up guidelines for cervical cancer (and cervical pre-cancer) treatment from reputable sources online. And keep asking questions! The best way to learn (and feel more comfortable with a diagnosis) is to ask questions.

All my best,
I've never heard of stage 2.3 unless that is equivalent to IIB or something similar.
My mom has been going to the gyno for a little over a year. They thought it was a yeast infection at first and finally found abnormal cells. They have done freezing a few times but it still didn't get rid of it. The doctor told her that she was at stage 2.3. I'm not sure why he called it 2.3 but said it was out of 10-11 stages. She is probably going to have surgery this spring and have all the affected area and maybe more just incase removed. My mother asked the doctor how long she has left to live with and without the surgery. He told her 10 years. I'm not sure if they are removing the area and doing chemo or what. All I know is that she said she has about 10 years left. I thought she would have longer than that.
I'm just not sure why your doctor is telling your mom she only has ten years to live. This does not make sense to me, I'm sorry. I also wonder if him saying 10 or 11 stages is his way of trying to simplify things? Here is an overview of what I know about cervical pre-cancer (dysplasia) and invasive cervical cancer. You can search any reputable information site and find the same information.


ASCUS - Atypical cells of undetermined significance - typical recommendation is for a follow up pap smear in 4 to six months to re-evaluate the cell changes

CIN 1 - Mild cervical cell changes - aka LSIL/LGSIL - typical recommendation is for a follow up pap smear in 4 to six months to re-evaluate the cell changes

CIN 2 - Moderate cell changes - aka HSIL/HGSIL - typical recommendation is for a colposcopy to determine the extent of the cell changes. Treatment ranges from cryotherapy (freezing) to excision (LEEP/CKC)

CIN 3 - Severe cell changes - aka HSIL/HGSIL - recommendations same as above. Treatment is typically excision via LEEP or CKC, if limited or no involvement of cervical canal, laser is also a treatment used

CIS - Carcinoma in situ - aka cancer in place, Stage 0 cervical cancer. The cells have become cancerous, but have not yet broken through the basement membrane of the cervix to become invasive. Treatment is excision via LEEP or CKC

All of the above have a good treatment success rate. There are women who will have cell changes that persist and require further treatment, however with treatment at the pre-cancerous stages there is minimal risk of loss of life.


Stage 1a1 - tumor has invaded less than 3mm depth, with horizontal spread of 7mm or less. If there is no evidence of lymphvascular space involvement, then a simple hysterectomy is the recommended treatment. An excision via cone biopsy can also be done to preserve fertility.

Stage 1a2 - tumor has invaded more than 3mm, but less than 5mm with horizontal spread of 7mm or less. Radical hysterectomy with lymph node sampling is usually recommended. If positive lymph nodes, then radiation / chemo regimen may be employed

Stage 1b1 - tumor is less than 4 cm. Radical hysterectomy with lymph node sampling OR radiation/chemotherapy is recommended as a treatment.

Stage 1b2 - tumor is greater than 4cm.

Stage 2 - The tumor is beyond the uterus, but has not invaded the pelvic wall or lower part of the vagina

Stage 3 - The tumor has invaded the pelvic wall and/or lower part of the vagina

Stage 4 - The tumor involves part of the bladder or rectum


I didn't include treatment recommendations for the Stage 1b2 or higher tumors as I do not know enough about them to really give a good overview. But you can easily find this information doing a search of reputable sites.

A stage 2 tumor would be visible to the naked eye on examination. Cervical pre-cancerous cells ARE NOT visible to the naked eye, they are detected by pap smear and confirmed with a magnification of the cervical cells after a vinegar solution is applied to the cervix.

[B]I really encourage you to talk with your mom [/B]more about this. If her doctor is telling her she only has ten years to live, with or without surgery, I think she needs to find a new doctor! Even women with a stage 2 invasive cancer are not told they only have ten years to live. Stage 2 invasive cancers have a 55% - 60% 5 year survival rate, so to generalize and say only ten years? Talk with your mom.

I am so happy I read this thread because you sound like you really have lot's of information.

When one is experiening fear of being told you pap was adnormal for the first time it can bring fear.
I have been diagnosed with ABFND PAP SMEAR HGSIL (ICD-795.04), and although I certainly spoke to the doctor about what that means I felt that she did not give me all the information.

I have been seeking info for the past 4 days. I have no idea what it mean exception I did find info in what CIN meant, but I do not know what thos numbers mean.

I need to know things in layman terms, and of course I feel so much fear about this even though I took care of my husband with his cancer and know so much about cancer through his experiences, nurses, doctors, etc. Now, when it come to my own issues, I have fear.

I hear what you are telling this poster, and I hope she understands what you are saying because you make good sense to me.

I have some updated news. My mother has the pre-cancerous stage. She talked with a family doctor and he asked if she had her husband checked out cause he can spread it back. Her gyno told her that he can't. Well my sister looked up online for more information about it and found out that it can be spread and with her being early in the stage that if it is removed can give her almost a full life. After she heard that news she is trying to now find a new doctor that she is covered by and knows what they are talking about. Her doctor she was going to did tell her 10 years and he was going to keep freezing till in the summer and do a biopsy and maybe more freezing before deciding to remove it. The freezing hasn't been working which could be from it getting spread back.
I'm really glad that she found out more information on it. It does sound like she needs to find a new doctor, thats just horrible for that doctor to tell her she only has 10 years to live and it's not even cancerous yet. I've heard a lot that the cyro-freezing isn't very good at removing all of the dysplasia either. My doctor has also told me that yes it can be passed back and forth between partners, especially if its caused by hpv.

I'm very glad that your mom doesn't have cancer though, I can only imagine what a relief that is to all of you! I hope she finds a better doctor soon.
RouxWoman -

You posted here that you wanted to know what the "numbers" included in your diagnosis meant. The "ICD - 795.04" is simply a coding number that insurance companies require for billing purposes.
I'm so glad your mom is trying to find another doctor. I hope she finds one who is a bit more forthcoming with accurate information. Definately pre-cancerous cells are much easier to deal with than an invasive cancer! Good luck to your mom, and good for you and your sister for looking out for her and finding accurate information to share with her.

It is difficult to test a male partner for hpv unless he has visible warts or lesions. My husband has not been tested. It is assumed that I have (or had) the virus (I've not been tested), and it is likely my husband has the virus as well. We are not concerned about re-infection as we both probably have the same types. After I had my LEEP we used condoms for about three or four months to protect the cervix from irritation while it was healing. Otherwise we have not used condoms since.


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