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I called my gyn clinic today to see if they had my colposcopy report back yet. They did and the receptionist (also a nurse) told me that all 4 biopsies came back normal. She told me that of course she's not the doctor and he'll be able to read my report better than her, but from what she sees there's absolutely nothing bad on my biopsies. Which I'm so glad, I told her I've been really really scared that it would come back with bad news and she told me that they would have been knocking down my door if there had been antyhing bad.

I asked her what does the doctor usually do and she said at the minimum he'll have me come back in 6 months for another pap and at the maximum he'll most likely suggest doing a cryo-freeze or leep. After reading on the cryo-freeze and some stories here I know I will not allow a cryo-freeze if he wants to remove the infected areas still.

What I'm confused on though is why would my pap smear come back HSIL with HPV and yet my biopsies are normal? Is it that my infection and cell changes are just on the surface? Obviously I'll be asking my doctor next week this question, but I'm just wondering if anyone else here has had the same thing happen or might know.

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