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For the past month, I've been having pain on the left pelvic side. This pain feels like someones scraping my insides or is pouring acid (burning). Started out very severely that my back, leg and thigh would hurt, but now its subsiding.

This pain started about 1 week after a pap smear exam.

I had an ultra sound done last week and went back to the doc for results yesterday. He told me that the ultra sound detected 2 small fibroids that I shouldnt worry about. He also said that the Ultra sound could have detected anything on the ovarys and or cervix.

I have LGSIL and will be having a coloposy (sp?) on the 28th. He said that the pain is not relative to the LGSIL but I'm not sure.

He has no idea what is causing the pain and that its not gynecological so now I have to get an appt with a medical doc to find out more. He actually more or less dismissed me with "take your pain problem somewhere else" attitude. :mad:

[B]Its frustrating but I hope to find out what's wrong with me for I'M GETTING TIRED OF LIVING WITH THIS PAIN.[/B]
Your doctor is right. LGSIL would not cause pelvic or abdominal pain.
"This pain feels like someones scraping my insides or is pouring acid (burning). Started out very severely that my back, leg and thigh would hurt, but now its subsiding."

You've just described my sciatic pain...
Karen I also get that exact same pain when my sciatic nerve is irritated.
@ Timber and Karen:

Thanks for replying.

When you say you have the exact pain, [B]do you ladies mean that you have it on your pelvic (insides) for thats where I feel it most. [/B]When it started it was so bad that it radiated to my back (could not walk), left thigh and hip bone.

As I write this, I still feel pain but its just on the left pelvic sides. It's subsided a little but I [B]STILL HURT[/B] :mad:

It's been awhile since my last bout with sciatic pain, but yes, I recall it being in my lower pelvis on my right side - this was also the side of my back and leg and thigh that were most irritated.

I'm sorry that you are in so much pain. It is frustrating dealing with docs who dismiss our pain - I do not think it is uncommon for docs to dismiss pain in women, telling us "it can't be this, it must be in our head". Perhaps the next doc you see will be more open to exploring what might be causing your pain.

I agree with Timber that it is unlikely to be the LSIL causing your pain. I had a stage 1a1 cervical cancer and I had no pain like you describe (aside from some bouts with sciatica - these I have had off and on for years).

Are you having any foul discharge, fever, anything that could indicate a possible infection?

I hope you feel better soon.
@ Karen, Thanks for your response. I don't have any foul discharge or fever. I've been having bowel problems since the pain started. Some diaharrea and occassional constipation.

Yes, it is frustrating when docs don't take time to listen to our problems and help.
not that I'm trying to diagnose, because I really have no idea what is going on, but when you say your pain is in your left side...have you looked up symptoms for diverticulosis/diverticulitis? Check the bowel board for more info, maybe. I do know that pain is common on the left side when those conditions flare...


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