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At a clinic, and told to see a Gyn/Onc

At another place on the diagnoses: ABFND PAP SMEAR HGSIL (CD-795.04)

Needless to say I am scared to death of what may be happening. It is so funny that I took care of my husband who had Lukemia, and went through the horror with him, and here I am feeling so scared and out of control.

I am seeking info all over theplace, and the Doctor said it does not mean I have cancer, but from what I have read even though the Pap smear said one thing upon further investigation it may show I may have cancer.

I have never had a pap smear that was not negative.

I have read many of your wonderful, brave post and would like any information from anyone on their experiences from the diagnoses that they gave me.

I am very grateful to all who respond.
Hi Rouxwoman,

I see you just found one of my other replies that has all the terminology/treatment laid out. I'm glad you found it helpful.

It is so scary when we first get that call. I can still remember the day I received mine - I was scared beyond my wits. The doc didn't really say much on the phone, I ended up starting to do my own research.

Try to stick to the reputable sites when you are looking for information. There are sites out there that "sell" stuff and you won't find the best information there.

That's great that your doctor referred you to a gyn-oncologist. As scary as that sounds, those doctors are the experts when it comes to gyn cancers and PRE-CANCERS, which is what your pap smear has picked up. Moderate dysplasia is very treatable, and with diligent monitoring you should not have to worry about ever hearing the c-word.

It is not very often that the pap smear and biopsies don't match up. Sure, it happens, but not very often.

Ask any and all questions. Knowledge is power.


Oh thank you soooooooooooo much!
Just hearing thos words (you don't have cancer) has made me feel so much better and knowing someone has had the same things.
What was the procedure like? Did it hurt, and did you have to have someone drive to to doctors to have it done?
Also, did you ever have any type of light bleeding or any symtoms at all?
This is really a trip for me.

Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words. I am going to see the doctor on the 22nd.

I would tell my husband to stay up and he was the bravest person I have ever known, so I have to follow my own aadvice. :)
I forgot to ask what exactly is HPV?

Would that show up in a PAP SMEAR?

Would the doctor have told me I have HPV found in the pap, or is that something they may find after you have the procedure?

Thanks again to all that respond.

First of all, the first abnormal pap I have ever had was in Nov 2005. Than I had a colposcopy. That showed CINI. I had a cryofreeze. Than I waited 4 months. I had a pap after the wait and it was abnormal high risk. I than had a colposcopy and it showed CINII:eek: . So in Aug 2006 I had the LEEP. I was to have just LEEP,but after I receiced my pathology report. It said cone biopsy by loop excision:confused: . She took about half of my cervix. I am glad she got all the CINII. Although I am planning to have a baby. I have to wait to strat on that now, as I need to be clear and let my cervix grow back some. If I could go back I would have made my Dr do the LEEP first. The cryo just seemed to let it grow and give it time to get worse:blob_fire .

The LEEP was very uncomfortable for me. It was long. It was hard for the DR's to get to my cervix for some reason. So all the getting ready for the LEEP took a long time. Then it was a lot of presure and it was very hard cramping. I was awake, but I have heard others say they were put out through it. I was given a local. I recovered fast. I just rested for a few days. I took advil. I know you can get through it, you have to.

No, I didn't have any bleeding or abnormal spotting before the LEEP. I felt like I was fine, I had no idea what was going on inside me. I am having spotting between periods of and on now. I guess that can happen after LEEP.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the most likely cause. Your Dr sould have told you you had this. All the cases I have heard of had HPV. HPV is the same virus that causes genital warts ,mild dysplasia, and CINI. There are lots of types. The type we have causes CINI.

Take care of yourself, good you are taking vitamins.

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