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That's why I said in my earlier post than to be on high folic acid doseages you MUST be under a doctors supervision. Maybe you should check the doseage you're taking - I just spoke to a pharmacist friend and she said you'd have to be taking nearly a bottle of folic acid a day in order to get that much as the largest over the counter doseage available are pills of .8 milligrams. Sorry - I was just very concerned when I read that and wanted you to double check and also for others who may be reading these posts so that they don't try to take that much![/QUOTE]

Dear Shadow,

Thank you soooo much for your post!! I was recently diagnosed with the CINI/II dysplasia and god I was freaking out to the max..I surely hope to have kids in the future. but the idea that I can put at risk my cervix either by LEEP or anything invasive kills me!

After reading your post, I made some extensive research and there are studies that confirm the vitamine regimen regress result for a lot of women that are still on CIN stages not cancerous yet. I am definitely taking that up, being that it makes so much sense, and my immunity ssytem is not the strongest, and I can always do the Leep if nothing works..

On the research that I made, a study done by Keri Marshall (you can google or look it up; it is published at Alternative Medicine Review, May, 2003) stood up. She used only 5mg Folic acid and other studies has proven that foliate supplements by themselves do not reverse dysplasia. I am wondering what the appropriate dosage would be?

Also, you mentioned that you put a tampon with vitamin A liquid on top. Did you do at night, or during the day? how much vitamin A did you have to put? There is good support in scientific papers that topical treatment with vitamin A helps regression of dyspasia. (so happy about that, lol) Did you put anything else in your cervix? Like 13C, dim?

Any other suggestions you have and would like to share, i.e. diet tips, exercise, length of treatment?

In the case study from Keri Marshall she used extensively chinese herbs in little quantities (they can be posineus) both as teas and for douching purposes for the whole lenght of treatment for her patient (about 7 months). Personally I dont like douching as I dont want any "interference" with the normal vaginal health. What is your experience?

Sorry for the long post, but the last few weeks have been to say the least misearable for me and only today my level of anxiety has droppen to managable. Thank you so much again for sharing your experience. :wave:

grateful to mother nature, furtiva

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