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Here's my story... I am 31 years old, getting married in July, hoping to have a baby right away after the wedding.

I had my first LEEP in Nov 06 for CIN II and CIN III (in the margins). LEEP went fine, some pain, but no big deal. Sex was extremely painful (I waited 6 weeks) and I bled like crazy the first time. We waited a while after that since obviously I was not healed. After that, it was fine. Went a year with normal paps, all was great. Went in January 07 and the pap came back abnormal. Doc tried to do the colposcopy but said he couldn't get in and couldn't dilate my cervix - said it had stenotized. This, of course, sent me into full panic mode due to my desire to have children. Anyway, I had my second LEEP two weeks ago. The doctor called and said it came back as mild dysplasia. Anyway, I assume he had to dilate my cervix in order to get where he needed to get. My question is - does the dilation stay this way? Or should I assume I will close up again? I am panicked because I wonder if I caused scar tissue the first time around from having sex too soon (though six weeks was more than the doctor had advised). I am getting married in July and my fiance and I had planned TTC on the honeymoon. I am so freaked out now that I won't be able to get pregnant because of the stenosis issue, though I don't know much about it. Can stenosis be reversed / be temporary? Someone told me that it can close up out of pain and since my colpo was incredibly painful, my cervix may have closed up tight as a protection mechanism. I do get normal periods every month so I am hoping this is a sign that I can't be stenotized fully?

Thank you so much for responses - I am so incredibly upset about all of this that I can't sleep.

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